Power nap mac os 10.8

Here's the new stuff you can expect in Mountain Lion when it's released next month.

Just as dictation has made its way to the most recent iDevices, you'll soon be able to use it on your Mac. It works system-wide with any application that can take text input.

You just click a little microphone button, speak what you want to type, and OS X will translate it into text for you. Power Nap is a technology Apple has added to Mountain Lion that allows your computer to get things done while it's asleep. This means your computer will be able to download emails, update your photo stream, and refresh other data even when it isn't actively being used.

It also sports a new gesture interface that enables you to move between pages using multi-touch gestures with a mode called Tab View. Another new feature called iCloud Tabs enables users to share open web pages between iOS and Mac devices. Apple today announced that its communication system, Messages, will also support the sharing of images and high-definition video.

How Power Nap works

Documents In The Cloud is also interated to the operating system, enabling users to work on a document on one device, and have changes made instantly on other Mac OS X and iOS device. Apple is also due to release a Developer SDK for developers to add support in their apps as well.

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Craig Federighi said " Apps had their own way of getting your attention. There will also be a Notification Center - you can, however, choose to temporarily suspend all notifications when you want to work or watch a movie.

Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion Dictation, Power Nap, iCloud Integration

Facebook and Twitter are integrated with Notification Center. You can include attachments, photos and HD video, and iMessages appear on all devices.

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  • Now that iCloud has reached a certain level of maturity, developers will be able to include iCloud capabilities within their Mac App Store app.