Outlook email search not working mac

Issue happened this morning with 3 clients in same office.

[Solved]: How to Fix Outlook Search not Working

Happened before the update and after. Ver Followed Key Chain removal steps to no success. Add one more to the pile. This just started for me yesterday for every Office account. The prompts are constant, within a few seconds of pasting in the password, making Outlook all but un-usable unless I delete the offending accounts. Something is bugged in either the app or on the backend.

Mac Outlook Search Not Working: Fix Technical Bugs In Your Budget

I temporarily fixed this by unsubscribing from insider updates, uninstalling Outlook and deleting all data and performing a fresh install. Waste of time but I can send and receive e-mail again. Also just updated to v Not looking forward to reinstalling Outlook so hopefully they come up with a fix soon.

Same experience here. For some users, v For others, no issue. We need a fix urgently. Add me to the list. Followed the published fix; closed all apps, removed items from keychain, and rebooted. Also tried the same with also removing the accounts from Outlook, still no joy. Come on Microsoft, you should be better than this.

Same issue here. I seem to be able to click out of it without actually authenticating but it is definitely an issue. We are having the same issue. Contacted Microsoft Support for Mac.

How to re-index and fix Spotlight search issues on Mac OS X

They're currently evaluating my log file and hopefully they can find a solution soon. I'm having the same issue with Outlook prompting continually. When I click on an email, search box, or after a small period of time the prompt appears. Same deal.

Outlook 2011 email search does not work

Tried deleting all the keychain stuff too, which used to work on older versions does not now. For people following the thread, I am reverting to We also have a ticket open with Microsoft, we will update if they provide a solution. On my Macbook Pro, It is on a beta build of OS though on my Mac Pro, constant issue. Same issue here on Version Cleared the KeyChain access per the instructions above, same issue with O Same issue here on Performed the Keychain clearing instructions above and on other pages, but to no avail. Account is E3 O I didn't initiate it, so something with the latest insider build must have.

Just received a push notification for an "Exchange Online Advisory" with a status of "Investigating". Time of the alert: UTC. Update within 30 minutes. I'm not sure if this is the same issue, but Microsoft appears to be investing something. Same problem, tried all the support articles.

SPent the last day with microsoft support, who did just about everything basic, and then when they tried using Windows utilities for my Mac, I asked for next tier support. Within the next 4 hours they say So I was sick of the problem and signed into the native mail application. Since then the outlook issue has inexplicably vanished. Mine inexplicitly started working correctly with no further intervention.

I'm guessing Microsoft forgot to pay their bill for the 2-factor authentication subcontractor they use. The sub probably cut them off. I went ahead and rebooted again and am no longer receiving the password prompt as well so it appears that they fixed something on their end.

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I also wrote an article on this topic outlook search not working. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If your outlook search not working then, it may be because of the any of the following reasons: Window indexing is not working properly. Outlook Data files are not properly indexed.

Repair Outlook with these tips

Large size outlook files are halting the functioning of the Outlook. Corruption is occurring in the Outlook files. Now when you have found what has caused the problem, it is time to resolve the issue. Steps to Solve the Problem of Outlook Search Not Working on Windows The very first solution of this problem is to check for your internet connection.

Sometimes these problems are due to unstable internet connection. You can also try to update your office programs. For this you can click on the option of update Outlook programs. So, it is an important point fix of this problem. Sometimes the reason of this troubling problem is that Outlook mail is not indexed properly. So, take reliable steps to ensure the indexing of Outlook email. Your old window profile can be a cause of trouble in this regard. So, try to make new window profile. You can follow the below steps, if you wish to fix Outlook search not responding issues: You can choose another email address via drop down menu.

This will act as your recovery email address. Make sure that your internet connection is properly active because bad internet connectivity may also occur this problem. You can choose another email address via drop down menu. The Spotlight Search index is corrupted. Microsoft Outlook for Mac Spotlight Search indexing is incomplete. To resolve this issue, follow these steps: Run the OutlookSearchRepair utility. For more information about how to get and run the utility, go to the Mac Outlook Support Utilities blog on the Microsoft TechNet website. If you recently created a new Outlook Profile in Outlook for Mac, or a new Identity in Outlook for Mac , added a new account, or if you recently imported new data from a source such as a PST or OLM file, Spotlight indexing may not be complete.

In this case, Outlook for Mac displays a "No Results" message. To resolve this issue, wait for indexing to finish, and then search again. Note You can create an alias for the Outlook Profile Manager , and move it to your desktop or another convenient location if you prefer. More Information. Mac OS controls the indexing of the hard disk for Spotlight Search. Both versions of Outlook for Mac rely on Spotlight Search to provide search results for Outlook data.

Outlook Marked for Indexing?

The filters in Outlook for Mac also rely on Spotlight Search to provide search results. Tasks in Outlook for Mac are displayed by using filters. These filters rely on Spotlight Search. Spotlight indexing may take several minutes when new data is introduced. For example, this may occur when new email messages are received. Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support.

This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.

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