Trash can on mac wont empty

There are several third party utilities available which can be used to empty the Trash forcibly. But then, these utilities use Terminal command to do the job, which is my last and the ultimate step in the list to empty the Trash.

In Mac OS X, why can't I empty the Trash or throw away a particular file or folder?

So, it is not recommended to use such tools, just follow the commands given below. Use this method only when all the above-mentioned fixes fail. As this process will delete all the locked files without any alert message. So be careful with the command and do exactly what is given below:. If your OS X is Step 5: Drag and Drop the files into Terminal window.

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This will create the path to each file to remove command which you entered earlier. Step 7: Enter your Admin password to continue the process. The password you enter will not be visible. It appears as if nothing has changed. And remember files deleted using Terminal will not be restored and be extra cautious while selecting the files from Trash. If you need any help in restoring files from Trash or otherwise, you can refer the above-mentioned link.

Customer Evangelist remosoftware. Trying to perfect the art of writing while running a business. The Trash folder on a Mac is an essential safeguard for people who accidentally delete essential email messages. Too often, users don't empty the trash regularly "just in case" they might need something in there. The usefulness of the Trash folder as an extra file cabinet notwithstanding, emptying it from time to time is a good idea when you want to make room for newly deleted messages on your Mac or the mail server or to speed up performance in general.

If remembering to empty the trash regularly isn't high on your priority list, you can instruct the Mail application when and how often to empty the trash for you. In the drop-down menu under Erase deleted messages , select one of the options, which include Never , After one day , After one week , After one month , and When quitting Mail. You have the same options for erasing junk messages if you want to include those in the purge.

Empty the Trash in Mac OS X and macOS Mail

Note: If you have an IMAP account set up in Mail and that account is set up at its server to delete older messages after a specific period, your settings on the Mac have no effect. Choose a specific mailbox in the menu that appears, or select In all accounts or On my Mac. Choose Erase in the confirmation screen to empty the trash and purge deleted mail from all the accounts you have set up in OS X or macOS Mail.

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If you are confident you never make any poor trash decisions, you may prefer to use a hard delete with your Mail account. View Results.

macOS Sierra - How to Delete Undeletable Files from Trash Bin

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How to Empty the Trash on Mac When Files Are in Use

OS X Tricks. Conclusions Is your Trash empty now? Tags: disk utility , finder , mac , os x , terminal. After all … nop trash is NOT empty.

‘The file is locked’

Very agonizing … I have even reset the OS-X tried all and above but there is still a folder with the file in it which is resisting to go …. CL April 22nd, , PM. Katia June 24th, , AM. The Terminal last chance procedure worked! Genius Rules! Thank you. George Holmes August 3rd, , AM.

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  2. ARCHIVED: In Mac OS X, why can't I empty the Trash or throw away a particular file or folder?;
  3. Can’t Empty Trash on Your Mac? Here’s the Fix to Resolve it and Clear the Trash.
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