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The downloadable file includes a driver installer, which also installs the newest Deskjet printer utility. Click the link, and the download will automatically start 2. Double-click the file to mount the Disk Image. Double-click the scaled Disk Image. Double-click the Installer package file in the folder. The installation will automatically start. Your email address will not be published. Once all the printer packing materials have been removed from the Officejet j printer, put it for recycling.

The next step is to provide power supply for your hp officejet j printer. For that you have to connect one end of the power chord given along with your printer with an external power source and another end to the rear side of your hp officejet j setup printer. Once you have successfully connected the power chord you can turn ON the printer. Then from the hp officejet j printer control panel go to Settings to set date, time, and language of the printer.

Follow the steps carefully for loading the papers You should always use the recommended papers for printing.

The most preferred paper size would be A4 size plain white papers. For loading the papers, you have to open the input tray and pull out the tray extender. Before placing the papers into the input tray you will have to aojust the paper width slider. The paper width slider is given for aojusting the paper width which is placed in the input tray. With the help of this slider you can aojust the paper in the input tray and slide until it reaches the bottom of the input tray. Once you have inserted the papers an automated printer alignment paper will be printed.

After unboxing HP Officejet j printer, you have to install the ink cartridge into the hp oj j printer. You will find these ink cartridges shipped along with the hp printer. Follow the steps for how to installing the ink cartridges in HP Officejet j It is suggested that you must handle these ink cartridges very carefully. If the ink cartridges are mishandled it may cause printer failure. You could find a search bar in the page from which you can download the hp officejet j printer driver and software. Type your printer model number in the search bar and click on GO.

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A list of available hp officejet j printer driver and software will be displayed from which you can download your printer driver and software. To open the printer software. Live Chat with us! HP Officejet j Printer Setup. HP Officejet j Driver Install. HP Officejet j Wireless Setup. HP Officejet j ePrint Setup.

HP Officejet j Airprint Setup.

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HP Officejet j Troubleshooting. Follow the below steps to install your hp officejet j printer First, You have to visit Second, you have to select your model Number by searching in the search bar. By hitting the Download drivers.

Your Downloading gets started and you will get the Drivers of your hp printer setup. To turn on Wi-Fi direct follow the steps given Go to the printer control panel in your In Wi-Fi direct option select settings. There you can Turn On the Wi-Fi direct option. You can connect up to five devices through the Wi-Fi direct method.

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If you have connected your printer to the computer with a USB cable, follow the steps below for the Wi-Fi Direct connection Open the HP printer software in the computer. Under the connection tab you will find Wireless option. It will automatically list the available printers there select your HP Officejet j printer from the list of detected printers.

Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to complete the hp officejet j wireless setup. Then choose the document that you have to print from your mobile and click on Print. The screen will now display the list of available printers. From that list of available printers select your printer and click OK. To print from a wireless-capable computer To print using Wi-Fi Direct from your computer, make sure that you have turned on the Wi-Fi direct option in your printer and computer. Choose the printers name from the list of the available network in the Wi-Fi settings in your computer.

Next, enter the password to connect the printer with your computer. Steps to Print Network settings Connect After enabling the services, the printer will print a Printer network configuration page. On that page, the user has to enter the details of the printer and the other necessary details about the printer which can be used later. HP Officejet j Printer Troubleshooting.

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HP Officejet j Printer Paper jam from the input tray Pull out the input tray and remove the paper which is stuck in the tray. After the paper is removed reinsert the input tray into the printer. Turn on the hp officejet setup printer. Open the ink cartridge access door and move the printer carriage. Check for the paper jammed inside the cartridge area.

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Remove the jammed paper from the carriage. Close the cartridge access door. HP Officejet j Printer Paper jam from the print zone Turn off the printer and open the rear door of the printer.