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Just for magnum 4D only.

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Senior Member posts Joined: Jan Ash, Wanna ask. Then where is justice for that girl? If thre is a ghost that can do harm, there must but a god that can do good and look after the good folks? Another question, if u can see ghost can you also see celestial being? Curious on this issues. Lol hu knew that I bump old thread then got despo ppl who also wan kena toto? Some hit and misses lah bro. Be careful, but here's some good example: 27 Oct Sunday First prize Look at diagonal figure 27 on middle right side, move up a bit there's zig zag pattern containing numbers First prize Look at middle got two link 1 and 6 figure, there's L-shape got numbers First prize Look at figure 6 on top right, there's zig zag shape with numbers That's how to use it and predict based on Date numbers and Shapes What are they doing here?

Help ppl? They say ghost still around due to unfinished business. This being? Learn the skills first.

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Even Magnum got history past draws for you to check and try. Senior Member posts Joined: Aug Got sure win method being taught in here iPong5s gold 64gb also no problem this time Huat lai liao arr. It's just a guide on what is relation of Date and Shapes. Remember lots of possible combo around that Date figures. Only sifu with past experience can try 'cai' the possible numbers, and still hard to pick which straight tegak number go podium 1st 2nd 3rd prize. That's why using 'Pau' or MBox is good as budget beginner.

Learn slowly on paper first OK. I will not tell you if I received BR1M too! Senior Member 3, posts Joined: Jan Senior Member posts Joined: Nov Something that you hate but might get you rich overnight. Nearlee learn it easily too. Toto Draw Toto draws are conducted three 3 times a week, i. It commences at 7. Due to regulations, admission is only granted to non-Muslims above 21 years of age.

Members of the public who are above 21 years of age, non-Muslim and are of good character are invited to sit as the Panel of Judges. This panel comprises of three 3 members, one 1 of whom shall be the Chairman. They are responsible for witnessing and verifying the winning numbers drawn for the respective games.

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They also serve as an independent party that ensures the draw is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. The public are also invited to participate as drawees in the draw. Similarly, they must be above 21 years of age, non-Muslim and of good character. Five 5 persons will be selected. They will select the marble bags that will be used for the draw.

These marbles will then be loaded into the draw machines by an independent observer witnessed by the Chairman of the Panel of Judges. These drawees will also be called upon to draw the winning numbers for the respective digit and lotto games. Toto draws employ the use of pneumatic draw machines which have transparent tubes, chambers and body thus allowing a transparent view of the entire loading, mixing and selection process.

The winning numbers drawn for the Toto 4D game are also used to determine the winning combinations for the Toto 4D Jackpot game. The entire Toto draw proceedings are video-taped and the recordings are kept for a fixed period of time. When not in use, all Toto Draw machines, equipment, marbles and paraphernalia are kept in a secured and restricted area that is under physical and technical surveillance.

Toto draws are conducted in full view of the public, by the public themselves, observed and presided over by a Panel of Judges who are also members of the public. These endeavors are aimed at ensuring that Toto Draws are conducted with the highest standards of transparency and integrity without any compromise in security. Our practices and procedures are also regularly reviewed by internal and external parties to ensure compliance with the industry's best practices and control requirements. Junior Member 32 posts Joined: Jul My lucky number Magnum 4D use Mbox.

I-box is permutation liao but winning is kecik if 24p is like u buy I-perm if keluar either all u can win.

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Minimum RM Senior Member 2, posts Joined: Oct If so easy kena sportstoto,magnum and damacai can go bankrupt liao Just play for the fun of it. Senior Member posts Joined: May Junior Member 17 posts Joined: Sep Oct 30 , AM. Kabuto Oct 29 , PM. Hai there, where can I find the Mac and cheese from your signature? Oct 31 , AM. Oct 31 , PM. Kabuto Oct 30 , AM. Nov 1 , AM. Newbie 0 posts Joined: Nov Senior Member 5, posts Joined: Jan Years ago when I was desperate, almost thinking of selling soul to the devil Dec 3 , PM. Read latest posts or hide this alert.

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Aug 5 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 7. Casual Junior Member posts Joined: Sep QUOTE bananajoe Aug 5 , PM it is very disturbing but i heard few cases where by people go to see bomoh and make pact with the devil to get the desired number. Aug 5 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 8. Just give your cat 4 dices and there. Aug 5 , PM Show posts by this member only Post 9.

Aug 5 , PM Show posts by this member only Post Casual Junior Member posts Joined: Dec Enthusiast Senior Member posts Joined: Dec Can atheist ask the devil for 4d. Win or no win also ok lah.

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Member Senior Member 4, posts Joined: May Casual Junior Member posts Joined: Jan New Member Newbie 0 posts Joined: Jul Enthusiast Senior Member posts Joined: Jun QUOTE ash tray Aug 5 , PM somewhere near balik pulau in penang there is a narrow driveway into a forest deep inside that forest, i was told, there is no sunlight, and there is a hindu kuil i was told that the "god" there was very "chun", very very "chun", everything that you ask for, you will get and Ok it is on!

Lets see whose set of numbers kena on Wed.

LIVE ofsouthrycounta.tkia 4D results for Magnum 4D, DaMaCai 1+3D, Sports TOTO 4D,5D,6D,Jackpot,Lotto 88,

I took a printscreen of the number generation results page. It has a timestamp on it. If the jackpot is won by someone else, I'll post that printscreen. If jackpot is unwon, no need to post lah. Aug 6 , PM Show posts by this member only Post QUOTE ash tray Aug 6 , PM it is both a gift and a curse i do not want to cause harm to anything because of it, that is why i won't even go near things like that - no bomoh, no "god with no sunshine", nothing that is to do with roh2 or something that has any connection to neraka hmm curious, did "they" try to communicate with you?

On my way Junior Member posts Joined: Jul Officially Launching Just2us, as a Business. Top Radio App for Malaysia after 1 month.