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Modularizing and using jlink tooling is probably the best way to go about that. In contrast a server-side Servlet-based app or Microservices server need not yet modularize, though likely a good idea to do so eventually.


Java-based apps are expected to bundle their own Java implementation. Some folks are disappointed to see the passing of the Java Everywhere dream. On the other hand, some developers are happy to be bundling a Java implementation now smaller than ever with their app, as that eliminates the hassle for the end-user to download-install-update a system-wide Java implementation.

And bundling Java with app simplifies testing and support, as you know and control exactly what version and distribution of Java is involved. Here is a flowchart diagram that may help you finding and deciding amongst the various vendors providing a Java 11 implementation. Listen now. Learn more.

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You are not forced to use the module system. Similar: How to get java 11 run-time environment working since there is no more jre 11 for download? That was purely a restriction invented by Sun, as actually, the registration of browser plugins or the control panel did not require this. Nowadays, these features are gone, so the unnecessary thing has become even more unnecessary.

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You Phone. Your Message not required. By pressing the "Send" button you agree with our Privacy Policy. Do you suddenly need a payed subscription for using Oracle Java? March 1, Dries Oracle , Security. A bit of history From the beginning of Java, feature releases were driven by one or more significant features.

Should we pay to use Java starting from January ? So, should you pay to use Java now? So this version should not have been updated if there was no subscription in place. What are your options for future usage of Oracle Java?

With all the changes described above, you as a customer can choose to do one of the following: You can choose to stay where you are and keep using your current version lower than version Are you willing to take this risk? Beside of that you can also not contact support in case of issues with Java. Uninstall Java To uninstall Java from a Mac, you will remove one directory and one file, as follows: 1. Press enter.

Step 1 – Prerequisites

You may be prompted to enter your computer password before continuing. Install the older release of Java Java 8 Update 7. You may need to scroll down the page to locate this particular version 8. You will be prompted for a user name and password before downloading Java. You may create your own account or use ours.