Flashing folder with question mark on mac mini

Try repairing it with First Aid, as follow:. Step 4 : Exit Disk Utility once the repair process is over.

Can motherboard be damaged? A flashing question mark in a folder

Step 1: Back up the MacBook data [critical step]. This is critically important because if you reinstall the OS without first backing up the data, it will result in data loss due to overwriting. Step I. Step III.

Step IV. Launch the tool, and from the main interface, select Recover Data.

1.8m Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable (MC838LL/B)

Step V. Select the type of data and the location of the flashing question mark drive.

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Step VI. Click Scan after you turn on the Deep Scan feature for rigorous searching. Step VII. Click Recover , and on the dialog box, specify the save location and click Save.

How to fix mac mini or any mac question mark folder on boot up.

For quick walkthrough on how to use the software for MacBook data backup, see the following video:. Step 2: macOS Reinstallation.

If your Mac doesn't start up

After the data stored on the HD — having flashing question mark folder problem — is backed up, proceed with reinstalling macOS, as follows:. Note : When Disk Utility does not show the Startup Disk or cannot repair it, then the storage drive has hardware problems. Contact a Mac repair service provider in this scenario. The article elaborated various methods to repair flashing question mark folder screen on Mac. The first case occurs when your Mac shows a flashing folder with a question mark for a few seconds.

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  • How to Fix a Flashing Question Mark on a Mac.

In this case, you reselect the Startup Disk from system preferences. The second case happens when your Mac is stuck in the flashing folder with a question mark without booting. In this case, you need to enter the macOS recovery mode and reselect the Startup Disk. If the Startup Disk repair fails, then you would need to reinstall macOS to overcome this problem.


[SOLVED] - Flashing Folder. Keyboard not working | Tom's Hardware Forum

So, connect the affected Mac to a functional Mac via Target Disk Mode, install Stellar Data Recovery Professional software on this working Mac, and then run it on the affected hard drive to extract and backup all the data to a secure location. Once the data is backed up, reinstall the macOS on the drive to fix the flashing folder with a question mark issue on Mac.

Vishal is a data recovery expert Stellar addressing several data loss scenarios on a macOS system. He loves to read autobiographies and his personal favourite is of Steve Jobs. View More. Stellar Phoenix is now Stellar. A Mac will keep looking for a boot volume until it finds one. The reason you see that flashing folder icon now, when you did not see it before on your other Macs, is that the hard drive has not been designated as the assumed boot volume.

How to fix a Mac that won't start

Your Mac has to look around for a second to find where OS is on the hard drive. The fix for that is simple. If there is a locked padlock in the lower left corner you may need to click on it and enter your password before you can select your version of OS X. Now when you start up your iBook it will start loading OS X without delay.